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We don’t pretend to know everything about everything. We are known for what we know.

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Thrust Reversers

Available parts:

Our Expertise

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

We provide both serviceable and overhauled parts to repair facilities all over the world. Some of the key components are:

Bleed air valve
Fuel control unit
Surge control valve
IGV actuator
Ignition exciter
Speed sensor
Wire harness
Data memory module
Our Expertise

Inertial Reference Unit (IRU)

Available parts:

HG1050 AD
HG2100 XX
HG2030 XX
HG2040 XX
Our Expertise

737 NG

Aermotiv has made strategic alliances to be one of the leading professionals of components specific to the 737 NG. With several tear downs scheduled per year beginning July 2021, Aermotiv Worldwide will have the availability of these after-market parts that are in high demand.

Bottom of the airplane in a hanger
Our Expertise

Difficult to Find Parts

Our intellectual capital is knowing where aircraft are. With a team of individuals who are fluent in Russian, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Thai, and Portuguese languages, we are constantly keeping touch with the worldwide market. These resources allow us to have better insight on where the aircraft and excess inventory is available for the after-market.
Do you need a component that is difficult to find?
Odds are we either have it, or we know where to get it.


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